Rethink Your Warmups


As a surfer who has had his fair share of lower back pains, I have always been looking for ways to alleviate these pains. Strengthening my back definitely helped but it never seem to get the job completely done. I have been posting a lot about movement and getting the hips mobile but this takes it a step further.

I try to look at tested knowledge and sense strength and conditioning for surfing isn’t yet up to par, I look at a lot of other rotational sports such as golf and baseball. In this video coach Boyle makes some good points about lumbar rotation and hip mobility.

If you’re young you don’t care, but one day you might. If this is something you’re having issues with then this video might be a great introduction to some new warmups.



The Best Get Better

With all the talent coming from todays youth, I canʻt help but wonder how they still manage to get beat by the guys in their later 30ʻs and early 40ʻs??? 40 was once considered over the hill. Now it seems to be the pinnacle of some of these guys career. My main argument… Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian.

Shane kelly CF
Age is mind over matter. If you donʻt mind, it donʻt matter.

They have made their training and diet fairly public. The results can not be argued. Now in their 40ʻs, their dominance is felt by every young grom looking to make a name for themselves. Well boys and girls, looks like one of the keys to a long and progressive career has a lot to do with life style. Hard work, healthy habits and not a mention that desire to always be moving forward. Seems to be paying off.

Joel training
Parko rowing his boat not so gently.
Mick and some kind of secret dog training exercise
Tajʻs Bosu butt burner

Next up we have Parko, Mick and Taj. Not exactly as seasoned as Kelly and Shane but by no means rookies. Just another case of the best getting better. These three have a lot in common. For instance, (Iʻm just thinking off the top of my head here) they all have won a world title or have been in contention for one, all regular footers, all from Australia, and all seem to train pretty hard in the off season. My conclusion? Thereʻs something in water in Australia… and training helps their surfing.

Some of north shores finest
Some of north shores finest

Iʻll leave you guys with this picture. I donʻt need to say much here. Jamie Mitchell, Shane Dorian, Jamie Sterling, and Kaiborg. Just to name a few of the animals in this picture. Even though not all of these guys are at the peek of their careers, their fitness levels sure look like it. Looks like Surf, SUP and MMA have all found some common ground. “Train hard, Win easy”.


Red Bull Jaws

Opening Day
Opening Day

Paddle in at Peahi is officially on! The best big wave surfers from around the world gathered together for the open ceremony at Peahi on December 7th. I gotta say I would have loved a spot with the top seeds but just to be recognized was an honor. All the time spent at the peak and in the gym are really paying off.

Red bull circle

The contest will be open until March 17th. The biggest and best swell will be selected and the boys will in for the contest of a lifetime.

(Red Bull Jaws opening ceremony)

Good luck to everyone and God bless!


One For The History Books

October 9th and 10th will go down in the history books for one of the best big wave days of all time. The El nino winter couldnʻt have started any better. I am so honored to have been apart of it. I just want to say thanks to everyone that was out there. The surfers, rescue crew and the guys shooting media. Everyone made it a day that will not be soon forgotten. Everyone that caught wave out there deserves some kind of award. Whether you were Dorian running the whole show or it was your first time paddling Jaws, my hats goes off to you. I canʻt wait to see what happens next!